Civil War

High Summoner Zepeda II

Session Two: Pt. 2

Taken from the journal of “The Watcher”

Dragon 21, 485 G.W. – Wednesday

The group came across a Flind Gnoll. Through expert teamwork, they swiftly and effectively dispatched their foe.

Dragon 22, 485 G.W. – Thursday

They walked.

Dragon 23, 485 G.W. – Friday

Seeing an Ooze Mephit down by a pond, the group decides it would be in their best interest to avoid the creature and continue on their way.

Dragon 24, 485 G.W. – Saturday

An unkindness of ravens viciously attacked the group. It took them way too long to kill the birds, but they did.

Dragon 25, 485 G.W. – Sunday

They continued along their journey.

Dragon 26, 485 G.W. – Monday

The group came upon a smaller, but wealthy town. They commissioned new equipment and spent the night drinking at the tavern. A fight broke out, and the group came out victorious. Late in the night, a man from Lord Tez offered them a great reward to investigate recent thefts. They go back to the manor, and Lord Tez offers them their weight in gold if they can get to the bottom of it. Turns out it was a trick by a wizard who owed the Lord money.


Drashika Drashika

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