Scoz Slums District

Stepping into the slums is like stepping into the sewers, except there usually aren’t people packed into the sewers like sardines. You feel like you could get mugged at any second, or come down with a bad case of mummy rot…probably both.

Notable attractions

Dancing Farmer Tavern – Tavern
Lucky Player Tavern – Tavern
Crying Crow Tavern – Tavern
Weasel Alley – Rumors surround this mysterious “place”, though there are no markers or signs that identify it. People tend to speak of it in hushed voices, but not in polite company, and NEVER to strangers.
Scoz Slums Marketplace – This is exactly how it sounds, a marketplace within the slums. Few good things happen here, and even fewer happen legally. Watch your coin purse.


Scoz Slums District

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