The history of the Kingdom of Oron is a messy one. About 500 years ago the land was united under a single government. At the head of this government sat a wise and kind king, Vicho Arna. After decades of ruling he passed away in his sleep (some would say he was poisoned) leaving no next of kin.

With no one to rule in his absence, the land quickly fell into chaos. The noble houses attempted to use a type of republic government, but it didn’t last due to racial issues. The elves, upset at not getting a fair voice in the government, moved to the lush forests of the south and claimed them as their kingdom. The orcs and dwarves, barely kept in control anyway, took to the north (to the dwarfs went the mountains, and the orcs reverted to nomadic tribes of warriors). The east and west remained under human control with smaller kingdoms emerging in the east, and powerful warlords vying for control of the sandy west. The center capital remained a sort of neutral grounds meant for inter-kingdom diplomacy. It was run by representatives from each nation willing to contribute.

As the years passed the world was once again united. Norick Sendt became the first king of the nation in almost 500 years. He chose Bria Grayson as his champion. The king had a daughter, Elia Sendt (who many believe was their child as he never married, but none would dare say that around him), who is a young girl of about ten.

The capital city is Perugo.

The national population is as follows:
47% Human
32% Elf (21% full elf, 11% half-elf)
13% Dwarf
6% Half-Orc (does not include full orc)
2% Other


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