Heroes of Oron

Four heroes emerged from a small village. They traveled the countryside battling wild beasts, the forces of evil, and a mysterious group called the Cult of Kray. Along their adventure they lost some heroes as well as picked up new ones.

Attempting to destroy this cult once and for all, the heroes sought the aid of a powerful warlord from the west. Bria Grayson was as beautiful as she was battle-hardened. Seeing the urgency of their quest she agreed to help them. She called for a summit of all the major warlords while the heroes searched an ancient dwarven city.

Oloom Hammerstrong’s companions didn’t like what he was becoming, and spoke out against him. Kraven Corpsegrinder, a former slave turned warrior, was one of these who stood against his long-time friend. An epic battle ensued between the half-orc and the dwarf, and all seemed lost for Kraven.

Moradin, seeing the monster that was once his champion, severed their connection making Oloom mortal once again. The battle quickly turned allowing Kraven to emerge victorious. The battle was a public spectacle and that era will become forever known as Hammerfall.


Kraven Corpsegrinder


Heroes of Oron

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