Tag: Neutral


  • Bria Grayson

    Bria was a warlord during [[Hammerfall | Hammerfall]]. She helped the [[Heroes of Oron]] against [[The Cult of Kray | Kray]]. After their defeat, she was offered the crown of [[Oron | Oron]]. She refused, insisting that [[:norick-sendt | Norick Sendt]] …

  • Elia Sendt

    Elia is the ten-year-old daughter of [[:norick-sendt | Norick Sendt]], the king. It is rumored that [[:bria-grayson | Bria Grayson]] is her mother, but that cannot be verified.

  • Norick Sendt

    Norick was a powerful warlord during [[Hammerfall]]. It wasn't until the defeat of [[The Cult of Kray | Kray]] that he was asked to take the throne and unite the land. Now, as king of [[Oron | Oron]] for over a decade, he faces rebel uprisings, economic …

  • Kraven Corpsegrinder

    Kraven is a dim-witted [[Heroes of Oron | Hero of Oron]]. Having grown up a slave, Kraven killed his father - his slave master - with his father's own sword. Shortly thereafter he met [[:oloom-hammerfall | Oloom Hammerstrong]], and the two quickly …