Norick Sendt

Human Male King


He is short and rangy with tattooed, ashen skin. He has tied back, straight, shoulder length stable hair and wide set jade eyes. He has a closely trimmed beard. He’s lean and muscular and covered in brutal scars.


Norick was a powerful warlord during Hammerfall. It wasn’t until the defeat of Kray that he was asked to take the throne and unite the land. Now, as king of Oron for over a decade, he faces rebel uprisings, economic troubles, civil unrest, and fatherhood. Often he finds himself longing for the days when his problems could be ended with the slash of his sword.

It is often rumored that Elia is also Bria’s daughter, since neither Norick, nor Bria ever married and are so close.

Norick Sendt

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