Civil War

The Destruction of Londeri

Session one

Taken from the journal of “The Watcher”

Rolland gathered them by the Monument to Drell the Wolf in Scoz Artists’ District on the first day of the month of Dragon, 485 G.W.. It was a rainy and an unbearably hot Thursday afternoon. Rolland asked his hodgepodge group of adventurers to travel to the city of Londeri. A small band of rebels, from a group gaining more of a solid foothold in Oron, have taken over the city with no more than a dozen men. He asked them to find out how, and to rid the city of them. After their meeting, the group went to shop for supplies, then rested at the Lucky Player Tavern.

Dragon 2, 485 G.W. – Friday

Before setting off, the group decides to eat at the Crying Crow Tavern. Upon exiting their current tavern, they meet with another would-be traveler. After some skepticism, they all decide to travel together. They set out on the road and have a pleasant day’s travel.

Dragon 3, 485 G.W. – Saturday

The night after the second day of travel was filled with tension. A thick mist rolled into the camp around 5 a.m.. The adventurers on watch woke the others and prepared for battle. An ominous voice came through the fog, though none could find its source. The voice asked why they were in his territory, then gave a warning.

Dragon 4, 485 G.W. – Sunday

After coming across a posting for help, the group travels to a nearby farm. The owners explain that their daughter, Ellie, has left with no warning. After some investigation, they discover a letter written in Sylvan. It is a love letter addressed to Ellie. After further investigation, they find the girl with a group of druids. Instead of taking her back to her parents, the group decides to rob the poor farmers blind. They come up with the plan to have one distract each of the farmers, the rogue robs them, and the rest stand by in case of combat. Since they were almost found out, Julious Harper ended up bedding the farmer’s wife to distract her. They left and went about their quest.

Dragon 5, 485 G.W. – Monday

Day four of travel, and the group killed a random creature just minding its own business, then left it.

Dragon 6, 485 G.W. – Tuesday

Finding an odd cave opening, the group explores. After looting the place, they killed a group of cowering goblins. Xune has been quiet since then. Could she be feeling guilty over something?

Dragon 7, 485 G.W. – Wednesday

Despite the cold and thick fog, nothing of import happened.

Dragon 8, 485 G.W. – Thursday

Seeing an expensive looking carriage, complete with armed escort, the group hid like a bunch of cowards.

Dragon 9, 485 G.W. – Friday

They finally reach Londeri and are stopped before entry. They assume the two men are rebels, and after negotiations seem to fail, one of the rebels creates portals to the Infinite Layers of the Abyss. After his control rod breaks, the demons run rampant. After killing a few hundred, the group makes it to the center of the city where a three-story-tall demon in full armor awaits. They kill him, and head back to talk to Rolland. On the way back they notice the owners of the farm they robbed placed a bounty on their heads.


Stupid farmers

The Destruction of Londeri
Drashika Drashika

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