Civil War

High Summoner Zepeda

Session Two: Pt. 1

Taken from the journal of “The Watcher”

Dragon 10-16, 485 G.W.

On the way home, the adventurers find multiple WANTED postings stating that they kidnapped a farmer’s daughter, robbed him, and raped his wife. The adventurers took them down, but there’s no telling who else has seen them, or if they even got them all.

Dragon 17, 485 G.W. – Saturday

Returning to Scoz, the group finds Rolland to update him on their situation. They tell him what happened, and who the summoner was. Rolland informs them that he is the High Summoner of Jadebrook Academy, and asks them to investigate his home while he does some investigation of his own. He offers them his room for the night.

Dragon 18, 485 G.W. – Sunday

Zune spends the first part of the morning robbing a traveling merchant blind. She believes she has gotten away with it. She and the rest of the group prepare for the long journey before them.

Dragon 19, 485 G.W. – Monday

Finding a cave opening, the heroes decide to investigate. Sending the rogue in first proved almost fatal as she was almost killed by a pair of skeleton ogres. A long, boring battle ensued and resulted in the destruction of the undead creatures. The human fighter celebrated the victory by unknowingly drinking a flask of Alchemist’s Fire. The party heals up before clearing out the rest of the cave.

Dragon 20, 485 G.W. – Tuesday

The adventurers roll into a small town to see the town guard, and a group of people around an old corpse. It seems to have been cut with surgical precision. The heroes agree to help get to the bottom of things to help the town. They are pointed in the direction of the local undertaker. They find him cutting a body rambling about preparing it for the “Master”. The heroes take him to the guard, and find that he’s not normally like that. Returning with a local necromancer, they find that one of his creations was taking control of the poor man. They help destroy it before setting off.


Stupid farmer

High Summoner Zepeda
Drashika Drashika

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